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[CBTrample.com / Aballs and cock crushing sexbomb / clips4sale.com] Alina (My stroking Tongue will make you crazy / 10/11/14)

Описаниеhttp://thumbnails102.imagebam.com/55183/6babb9551829317.jpgИмя актрисы: Alina
Название ролика: My stroking Tongue will make you crazy
Подсайт и сайт: CBTrample.com / Aballs and cock crushing sexbomb / clips4sale.com

Год производства: 2014 г.
Жанр: cum play, swallow, cum swallow, female domination, femdom, licking, blowjobs, lipstick, lipstick fetish, cock tease, orgasm, CUMSHOTS, CUM IN MOUTH
Продолжительность: 20 minutes

For minutes Alina keeps her victim on the edge of his climax with her long and wet tongue.
Customer feedback: "Alina is simply excellent!"
Another unique blowjob by awesome Mistress Alina. Look how much fun this Goddess has while she licks his cock. How she plays once more carrot and stick with her slave. On the one hand she licks him so tenderly, she sucks him so gently with divine dedication but on the other hand she denies him to cum for more than ten minutes - even more - she keeps him on the edge of his climax for endless five minutes.
The slave trembles he begs to be allowed to cum, but whenever he thinks "now" Alina takes a break. She opens her mouth wide and she holds her wonderful tongue against his frenulum, but she doesn't move it until he has passed the moment and then she continues licking and sucking him up to the point again.
After almost 17 minutes she tongues just a little bit more - enough for the starved slave. He cums allover her long, demanding tongue. Look how much she enjoys his semen running over her tongue down his shaft. Passionately she licks it from his entire cock until her mouth is full with his cum and now she leans over his cock and spits a mixture of semen and saliva on his glans, just to lick it off and spit it on his cock again. Extensively the Goddess plays with his cum, she sucks and licks his cock, teases and swallows his cum...
This video is packed with views of Alina's beautiful face and very close views of her gorgeous mouth, tongue and teeth.

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