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[FisterTwister.com] Antonia Sainz, Blanche - Big Tit Fisting (25.05.2017) [Fisting, Speculum, Girl Girl, Dildo, 1080p]

Описаниеhttp://i94.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0527/34/f42d7e621fee564199d1583d4d73c734.jpgЖанр: Fisting, Speculum, Girl Girl, Dildo
Продолжительность: 00:29:24

Студия: FisterTwister.com

В ролях: Antonia Sainz (fister), Blanche (fisted)

Описание: Member favourite Blanche makes a return to Fister Twister today with her gorgeous brunette girlfriend Antonia. The combination of blonde and brunette looks absolutely stunning and this horny pair kiss at the start of this scene before they lick and play with each others big boobs. When both girls are completely naked, Antonia lays Blanche down and gapes her pussy apart with her hands. Antonia inserts a couple of her fingers into Blanche's hole and then licks her pussy, moistening it up ready for the fisting action that is in store! Grabbing hold of a speculum, Antonia lets Blanche lick it before she inserts it into Blanche's eager pussy. She stretches her pussy wide apart, and blanche masturbates gently before moving onto something bigger. All of this preparation makes Blanche's pussy stretch a little more each time and Antonia fucks her hard with a monster sized dildo! After Blanche licks her own juices off her sex toy, Antonia slides her fist into her dripping wet pussy. This lesbian fisting action continues as Blanche changes position and finally horny Blanche masturbates while her pussy is filled with Antonia's whole hand! Yet another top notch lesbian fisting video from Fister Twister!

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