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[SubbyHubby.com] Reagan Lush, Sasha Foxx - Ordering The Wrong Hookers (04/28/2017)

Год производства: 2017 г.
Жанр: Bi BlowJob, Chindo, Cum Eating, Dildo Fucking, Female Domination, Foot Jobs, Foot Worship, Forced bi, Humiliation, Pussy Tease, Small Penis Humiliation, Strapon
Продолжительность: 00:29:48

Студия: SubbyHubby.com

В ролях: Reagan Lush, Sasha Foxx

Описание: Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush show up at some idiot's house thinking he ordered two hookers. Instead, he ordered two Goddesses who are going to break him in and make him their personal slave bitch. After introductions, Goddess Sasha Foxx slaps him down to his knees and puts a collar on him before stripping him and writing 'Cum Dumpster' on his chest. Reagan Lush and Sasha Foxx then make him worship their Goddess feet. Their new slave bitch cum dumpster starts licking and sucking Sasha's toes while Reagan tells him what a good subby he is being. The two Goddesses make him worship their feet before stroking him off with a footjob which the subby slut cleans up with his mouth. After Toby ordered to Doms by mistake, his friend comes over and catches him with a mouthful of cum. The Goddesses recognize him from the internet as a guy who wears panties. Goddess Sasha Foxx pulls down his shorts and reveals he is wearing a pair right now. Goddess Reagan Lush is happy at this turn of events and demands that the two subby slave bitches have a dance off. Both guys try to impress Goddesses Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush with their dance moves, but only humiliate themselves. Goddesses Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush know that their two subby bitch boys won't be able to satisfy their sexual needs with their tiny little dicklettes. Instead, Goddess Sasha Foxx takes a glass dildo and inserts it in Reagan Lush's tight wet pussy while the little sissy bitches look on. Reagan Lush wants more, and has one of the sissy subby's put a chindo on to fuck her Goddess pussy. She grabs the back of his head and pulls his chindo covered face into her wet slit and fucks the chindo hard. Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush are standing over their subby playtoy bitches and they decide they want to see some action. They command the pathetic sissy slaves to start stroking each other's little cocks. Watching one of their subby sluts giving a handjob to the other really turns Goddesses Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush on, but they still want to see more. The Goddesses command that one of the subby sluts sucks the other one. Sasha Foxx grabs the back of his head and forces him to deepthroat his friend's cock. Reagan Lush rubs her pussy while watching his bi blowjobs skills. They force him to suck dick like a good subby bitch until his friend spills his filthy load over his face. Goddess Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush are eager to get their long hard dicks sucked by their two sissy slut bitch boy toys. They grab the backs of their heads and guide their long strap on cocks into their subby's mouths, slowly forcing them to suck their cocks. If they don't get them wet, then Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush will fuck their tight man pussies dry. The Goddesses then bend their subby sluts over and drive their hard cocks deep into their man pussies. Goddesses Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush fuck their little subby asses hard.

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