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Cum Harvest / Урожай спермы [2016 г.,HDRip]

Описаниеhttp://i87.fastpic.ru/big/2016/1227/8a/101c765adb684af200e526af7820628a.jpgГод производства: 2016 г.
Страна: Česká republika
Жанр: Bareback , Big Cocks , European , Young Studs , Twinks , Uncut , Rimming , Dark Haired , Uniform ,Blowjob, Anal Sex, Cum Shots, Cum In Ass ,Jerk Off
Продолжительность: 01:38:46

Режиссер: John Smith
Студия: Dirty Fuckers a Staxus production

В ролях: Luke Volta, Titus Snow, Clyde Walton, Lucas Drake, Mike Branco, Ray Mannix, Andy Fisher

Описание: Late summer in the countryside – and it’s time for the boys from STAXUS to head out of the city to help out with the harvest. Unfortunately, any farmer who’s hoping for the muscular assistance of these boys is likely to be somewhat disappointed. For whilst the corn might need cutting and the apples might need picking, the likes of Lucas Drake, Titus Snow and Ray Mannix are much more interested in the fruits of each other’s groins to pay any attention to work. Whilst new lads Clyde Walton and Mike Branco ensure that the only seed being planted cums straight out of hard, uncut cocks into sweet twink arses!

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ЖанрГей-порно (HDRip)
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