скачать торрент Furry Beavers / Пушистые бобрики (Lethal Hardcore) [2014 г., Fetish Hairy, HDRip, 720p]


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Furry Beavers / Пушистые бобрики (Lethal Hardcore) [2014 г., Fetish Hairy, HDRip, 720p]

Описаниеhttp://i82.fastpic.ru/big/2016/1130/0e/a7243bbc8d5e9d7298f062cf02a0230e.jpgГод производства: 2014 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Fetish Hairy
Продолжительность: 1h 42mn
Студия: Lethal Hardcore

В ролях:
Violet Monroe, Kelly Klass, Jodi Taylor, Bianca Breeze

Scott loves hunting, so he was tinkled pink when he saw Jodi's furry beaver, he slayed it with his sword and then shot a hot load all over her face! Bianca grew out her pussy hair to prove to her ex bf that she isn't the shallow girl he broke up with anymore and it worked OH BOY! Kelly was anxious about showing her new man her hairy pussy for the first time, but he happily licked and fucked it like nobody's business! Talon loves a big natural bush, so when he heard the word on the street about Violet Monroe, he had to find out if it was true and guess what? JACKPOT!!! That pussy is covered in hair!

Тип HD видео: 720p
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Аудио: AAC, 128 Kbps, 2 channels, 22.05 KHz
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ЖанрВолосатые (HDTV 720р)
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