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[TopGrl.com] London River - Lance Fart (13.06.2017г.)

Описаниеhttp://i103.fastpic.ru/big/2018/0121/a9/a28db6603375b521c45239c3e13c70a9.jpgГод производства: 2017г.
Жанр: Femdom, Bondage, Vibrator, Flogging, Anal, Anal Fingering, Dildo, Trampling, Slapping, Ejaculation
Продолжительность: 00:44:04
Сайт, подсайт: TopGrl.com
В ролях: Lance Hart, London River
Описание: Lance Hart could have just had his bike fixed, thanked London, and gone on his way. London was nice enough to help him after all. But Lance couldn't resist trying to sneak in a grope on her ass; a mistake London makes him regret. After she takes him down, she puts him in bondage that gives her access to his ass. Instead of filling his tires with air, she decides that the air pump would be more entertaining to use on Lance's butt. She renames him Lance "Fart" before using a dildo to force the air loudly from his butt. A little humiliation is not payment enough for his transgression. London uses metal cuffs to secure Lance to the floor before she starts trampling and beating him, but it seems that he might be enjoying his punishment too much. She stands him up for a heaving spanking and flogging. She loves the sound of his wails as she hits him harder and harder. She steps on his toes just to raise the volume of his cries a bit more. When she is satisfied that he has been beaten enough to have learned his lesson, she uses a vibrator to give him and orgasm. The moment he starts to cum, she removes the sensation and walks away leaving groaning.
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Хэш релиза0b569e038c04bec7032e840f35e8e05fe9a73b69
ЖанрЖенское доминирование,страпон ( SiteRip)
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