скачать торрент [FisterTwister.com] Antonia Sainz, Victoria Pure - Pure Plesure (Jan 11, 2018)


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[FisterTwister.com] Antonia Sainz, Victoria Pure - Pure Plesure (Jan 11, 2018)

Описаниеhttp://i99.fastpic.ru/big/2018/0111/d6/20d003d39f719cad5e4bd713ad83ecd6.jpgЖанр: Fisting, Lesbian, Dildo
Продолжительность: 00:25:44

Студия: FisterTwister.com

В ролях: Antonia Sainz (fister), Victoria Pure (fisted)
Описание: Antonia Sainz makes a return to Fister Twister this week and wants to play with another contender. Gorgeous blonde Victoria Pure is up for the challenge and starts this scene bent over, naked and ready for what is in store. Antonia enters the room and starts to kiss her. She lays Victoria over on her back and Antonia starts to tease her pussy with her fingers. Victoria looks in pure ecstasy while Antonia starts to gape her beautiful pussy apart. The fingering gets more frantic and then as Victoria bends over into the doggystyle position, Antonia uses sex toys to slide between her pussy lips, stretching her even more. Once Victoria's pussy is ready, Antonia starts to fuck her with both toys at once, making sure she is getting wet and ready for her lesbian fisting experience. To make sure she is stretched to the max, Victoria turns over and Antonia fucks her dripping wet pussy with a monster sized black dildo. She has no problem taking this toy into her pussy and Antonia switches to her fist, fisting her horny blonde friend. Victoria climbs on top of Antonia and rides her fist, while masturbating at the same time to enjoy a powerful deep orgasm! One thing is for sure, Victoria really loves fisting sex!

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