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[CzechHunter.com] Czech Hunter 326 [2017 г., Blow Job, Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, SiteRip]

Описаниеhttp://i97.fastpic.ru/big/2017/1108/dd/2b5ce7ca6197afa4b19000b9c6d18ddd.jpgГод производства: 2017 г.
Жанр: Blow Job, Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick
Продолжительность: 00:44:32

Описание: Karel and Klaudie, two friends who just wanted to have a nice evening. I met them on their way to a local Sea world. We started chatting and because I knew the place I offered them to buy the tickets for all of us. In return they had to let me join them. We had a nice talk about various topics, most importantly about the length of Karel’s private parts. According to Klaudie they were “impressive”. I was very interested so I talked him into showing some skin right there. It was cool. Now I just had to convince Karel to stop being so scared. After all, I was just a nice guy with a camera and money in my pockets. And he wanted it badly. Unemployed students with debts usually do. I took him to my hotel room where we spent a very nice evening together.

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