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[MormonGirlz.com] Dolly: The Calling (Lily Rade / 08.09.2017 / 161211-4)

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"I've looked up to President Oaks my whole life. I truly believe that I have done everything he has ever asked me to do. I'm a good girl.

I knew his son had his eye on me. And I'll admit now that the attention made me feel proud. And maybe that's why President Oaks called me in and punished me in the most humiliating way any woman could ever be punished.

When he told me to take my clothes off, at first I thought it was just part of becoming a woman, becoming a wife.

And when he inspected my body I was shocked, but I still thought maybe it was necessary to show that I am pure. That my body is firm and ready for childbearing. That I am a worthy wife for his son. I hoped that his son liked what he saw and would still want me.

But then when President Oaks did the things he did...when he put his fingers in my mouth, inside me, and then took his clothes off and made me do things to his body that I didn't know were possible...I realized I was being punished.

And the worst part is that my body liked it. He's right, I am a sinner. He knows me better than I do. When he touched my breasts and when he spread my pussy open with his big hands and made me suck his cock, my body wanted it. I was scared and in my mind I didn't want to do it, but my body has never felt so good. And then he did what I didn't think anyone was allowed to do except my husband.

He put me on my back and pushed my legs up and shoved himself inside me. He took my virginity. And even though I was scared and it hurt, it felt really good, especially when he pulled out and sprayed his semen all over me.

But as soon as it was over, the guilt and shame were overwhelming. I can never tell anyone what I did in President Oaks' office."


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