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[FisterTwister.com] Luca Bella, Lucia Denvile (Aug 24, 2017)

Описаниеhttp://i89.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0901/b2/d93fb4a74c3ce1e9543b8cad06a8e3b2.jpgЖанр: Fisting, Lesbian
Продолжительность: 00:24:00

Студия: FisterTwister.com

В ролях: Luca Bella (fisted), Lucia Denvile (fister)

Описание: Pretty blonde Luca Bella couldn't wait to take part in this Fister Twister scene and dressed in a fishnet crotchless bodystocking, she got herself easily in the mood by playing with her puffy pussy. Lucia Denvile enters the room and is already all oiled up. She has had plenty of fun with her toned, naked body and wants to get to work on Luca. Oiling up Luca's pussy, Lucia rubs her clit before getting hold of some black kitchen tongs which she has in mind to begin Luca's pussy gaping. She inserts it into Luca's pussy and stretches her lips apart, letting her taste her pussy juices after she has finished. Leaning back, Luca opens her legs wide ready for what is in store next, as Lucia uses a massive dildo firstly making Luca suck it, then shoving it as far into Luca's pussy as she can. Lucia wants to move onto her fist fucking fun and this lesbian babe slides her whole fist inside Luca's pussy with ease. Her hand is covered in juices, which she gets Luca to lap up, before they change positions to continue their lesbian fisting play. This blonde and black haired match up is one of our favourites yet, with Luca being completely owned by her girlfriend Lucia Denvile!

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