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[SubbyHubby.com] Kelly Bundy - Please Fuck My Girlfriend - MiniMovie (07/17/2017)

Описаниеhttp://i96.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0719/08/ec02ddd99e796e782bab559fec91f308.jpgГод производства: 2017 г.
Жанр: Ass Worship, Bi BlowJob, Chindo, Cock Comparision, Cuckolding, Cum Eating, Dildo Fucking, Foot Worship, Fucking, Sock Worship
Продолжительность: 00:33:26

Студия: SubbyHubby.com

В ролях: Kelly Bundy

Описание: Kelly Bundy is exasperated with her boyfriend Cameron. After yet another unsuccessful attempt to make love ruined because his dick is too small to even penetrate her, Kelly tells Cameron his tiny dick just won't do the job. So she orders him to use a chindo strapon to fuck her pussy. Kelly needs to orgasm, even if it has to be this way. Once Kelly cums, she pushes away her tiny dicked boyfriend in disgust. Bored of having to be fucked by a fake cock, Kelly tells Cameron that she is going to break up with him in one hour unless he finds a way to really get her fucked. Desperate, Cameron offers friends and even total strangers the chance to fuck his girlfriend only to get turned down several times until someone says yes. Cameron was happy to find someone to fuck Kelly but now he has to face the aftermath. Kelly cuddling with her new lover while he is reduced to a chastised foot cuckold. Cameron was desperate to keep Kelly, but now he sees the cost. Now that Cameron has been reduced to nothing but her bitch so Kelly decides to exact some humiliating revenge for all the nights she was unsatisfied by his cock. Kelly orders Cameron to suck the dick of her new lover. Kelly truly enjoys his humiliation as she guides Cameron's face up and down her new lover's cock shaft, then has him stand over Cameron so his balls can flop in Cameron's face. Kelly giggles with delight as her new lover's cum falls on Cameron's face like a waterfall. She laughs as she smears the cum all over Cameron's face, then orders him to eat the cum of a real man. Kelly's new stud wants to get romantic but Kelly quickly puts him in his place telling him he is nothing but a bitch. Kelly orders him to his knees and tells him to lick her ass. As a treat for her bitch, Kelly puts chocolate candy in her ass and orders him to lick it out. With Cameron bitch #1, and her new bitch #2 on their knees in front of her, Kelly tells them that she is in the mood for some amusement and they are going to provide it. Kelly gives each of them a dildo and tells them to fuck themselves with it! As her two bitches humiliate themselves in front of her, Kelly masturbates her pussy, enjoying her sexual power over her bitches. But when they fail to fuck themselves hard enough, Kelly takes over, shoving the cocks in herself until both of her bitches are whining in pain. Finished with her bitches, Kelly orders them to do her housework while she goes out to have some fun.

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