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[StreetBlowJobs.com / RealityKings.com] Ivy Aura - Promiscuous Ivy (18.06.2017)

Описаниеhttp://i94.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0618/fc/75b3bd541d8b98b70ce2e1129f8482fc.jpgИмя актрисы: Ivy Aura
Название ролика: Promiscuous Ivy
Подсайт и сайт: StreetBlowJobs.com / RealityKings.com

Год производства: 2017 г.
Жанр: Amateur, POV, Car, Outside, Parking Lot, Indoors, Hotel, Blowjob, Sex, Cum Shot, Deepthroat, Blowjob - POV, Gagging, Clean-up, Facial - POV, 1 on 1, Handjob - POV
Продолжительность: 00:32:06

I was out and about, getting some water down from my hotel when I noticed this cutie who was looking really stressed out. She looked a bit nerdy, wearing thick glasses and a loose tank top with a denim skirt. She was on her phone hanging around my car and looking really annoyed. I asked if she needed any help and she just shook her head. It was only when she got off the phone that she apologized for her rudeness. You see, this shy cutie was just really in need of some quick cash. Ivy Aura introduced herself and explained to me the pickle she was in: her rent was due and she was trying to sell her phone. Ivy offered to sell me her phone, but I didn't have much use for it. I felt sorry for this slut, that is, until she made me an offer I couldn't refuse: the phone and some sexual fun! Ivy suggested that we go back to my hotel room where she'd show me how slutty she really is--by getting naked and dropping to her knees to eagerly give me head! As soon as we got back, this chick was ready to fuck as she showed off her perky tits and deep-throat skills and I couldn't wait to pound her pretty tight pussy and give her the dicking--and money--she deserved!

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