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[NubileFilms.com] Elsa Jean, Lucie Cline (Lesbian Passion And Pleasure / Jun 15, 2017)

Описаниеhttp://i93.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0616/d3/9fbc994d7e3c482ebc189fbb3f668dd3.jpgИмя актрисы: Elsa Jean, Lucie Cline
Название ролика: Lesbian Passion And Pleasure
Подсайт и сайт: NubileFilms.com

Жанр: Lesbian, Small Tits, Teens, Blonde & Brunette
Продолжительность: 00:18:12


Elsa Jena and Lucie Cline are doing their homework together, but their minds are on something a lot more fun. Lucie can't keep her eyes off of Elsa's spinner body, and Elsa is very aware of the attention. Reaching over to run her fingers across Lucie's back, Elsa lets her girlfriend know that the interest is definitely returned and that perhaps they should take a study break.
Soon Lucie has peeled off her bra so that Elsa can give a back massage while gradually working her way lower. Slipping off Lucie's tight shorts and thong, Elsa finishes the job by getting rid of her own clothes. Once both girls are nude, Elsa makes it her mission to bring as much pleasure as possible to Lucie.
Laying her brunette lover down, Elsa takes a few long moments to admire the delectable feast laid out before her. She slips her hand between Lucie's thighs and finds her target already wet and dripping with the evidence of Lucie's arousal. Leaning forward, Elsa replaces her fingers with her mouth to lick and lap at the creamy juices of Lucie's throbbing slit.
The moment Lucie explodes in passion, Elsa gently demands the same level of orgasmic attention. Lucie is more than happy to comply, urging Elsa up onto her hands and knees to expose her tight ass and slick bare fuck hole. Taking an exploratory lick, Lucie decides that she loves the way Elsa tastes. Soon she is eating her girlfriend out with a voracious appetite that is interrupted only by the occasional pussy fingering.
Both girls have had one climax, but that's not enough for either of them. Adjusting their position so that they can each stare into each other's eyes, they come together pussy to pussy. Exerting a grinding pressure, they work in tandem to scissor each other to another round of orgasms. Finally satisfied, they lean forward to exchange a deep kiss while enjoying the last few throbbing explosions of pleasure from their lovemaking.

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