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[VIPissy.com] Claudia Macc & Sissy - Clothing Store (12.06.2017) [Lesbian, Pissing, Toys, 1080p]

Описаниеhttp://i96.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0612/89/4cc4711d8aed04d4789e9f06fa296589.jpgЖанр: Lesbian, Pissing, Toys
Продолжительность: 00:40:58

Студия: VIPissy.com

В ролях: Claudia Macc - Sissy

Описание: Hot blonde Claudia is showcasing some of her lingerie designs to Sissy who is sat taking notes and the sexual tension between these two mounts up pretty quickly! Claudia starts to undress and lets Sissy suck her nipples before she leans on the office desk and pisses all over her. Claudia licks her own juices off Sissy's leg and kisses her. These pissing lesbians get naked and Sissy takes her turn to sit on the desk while pissing towards Claudia's mouth! She bends Claudia over the desk and starts to lick her pussy and then it is Sissy's turn to bend over in a doggystyle position and piss in Claudia's mouth! Horny blonde Claudia loves piss drinking and these hot lesbians pee into a giant goblet to catch their juices combined. They take turns to drink the golden juices and decide to get each other off with a golden vibrator. They start to get each other off and are filmed pissing while fucking each other with their sex toy. These gorgeous girls continue to enjoy their piss play and pussy licking and finish off a very horny scene for us here at ViPissy!

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